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2012 Social Science Target Research Grant Program

WADA invites applications for its 2012 Social Science Target Research Grant Program no later than 30 April 2012 on the following topic:

“Why do athletes say no to doping?”

The overarching body of literature available to date concerning the risk and protective factors tends to focus on why athletes would give in to doping. However, in order to develop education programs further and provide the target population with positive messages on anti-doping, it is important to find out what incentives the athletes see in not doping. We are starting to understand the risk factors and vulnerabilities, but the reasons for athletes who do or who do not want to give in to doping, are not necessarily the exact opposites.

Furthermore, anti-doping education, prevention and awareness rely on three major themes to discourage doping behaviors: the negative health consequences, the cheating aspect and the possibility of being caught. All of these themes constitute risks, and many athletes are prepared to take those risks for different reasons. By exposing the reasons which give incentives to athletes not to dope (“what’s in it for me not to dope?”), we could not only provide athletes with genuine choices as regards decisions to dope, but we would also be able to develop a fun and lighter approach to anti-doping education.

For further information on WADA’s Social Science Target Research Program and to consult the Applications Guidelines, please click here.

Applications must be submitted by e-mail to

All projects responding to the terms and conditions of this call for proposals will be evaluated by external peer-reviewers, whose recommendations will be reviewed by the Education Committee.

Applicants will be notified of the results at the end of June 2012. WADA will only fund projects it deems appropriate.

Please note that the maximum funding available for this project is US$ 25,000.