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Jean Luc Rougé: Top lifters in focus

One of the most respected French sportsmen Jean-Luc Rougé, judo World Champion (1975).

Nowadays he works as General Secretary of International Judo Federation.

“There is no sport without weightlifting, he said. I remember very well how many tons I had to snatch during my career as a competitive judoka. I profited a lot gaining more and more muscles. Judo is about power and speed in all movements and weightlifting supported us very much to achieve top qualities.”

Q: What kind of impressions did you collect during the world championships in Paris?

A: As a fan of this sport I specially admire the atmosphere around strong men and women. I represent another combat sport and I know well strength is not enough. This is the reason why I try to study the psychological aspect of weightlifting. It was interesting to follow top stars’ methods how they built up their performance. All the phases are very interesting one by one. These all makes weightlifting extraordinary attractive.

Q: What element did attract you most?

A: The champions’ human character, their personality, how they try to overcome all difficulties, how they correct their possible mistakes in movements. Top lifters really represent art in sport. Weightlifting was always proud of its classical champions. I wish your sport more and more superstars in the future filled by exceptional talent, capacity and emotions’ he explained.