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2011 Best Lifter of the Year, Khadzimurat Akkaev

Emphasizing maximum results

While some lifters focus on showmanship or approach the barbell with a degree of hesitation, Khadzimurat Akkaev attacks the bar, brimming with confidence – ready to lift whatever is needed for the victory. It is the mark of an outstanding lifter, being a top competitor. He won the silver (2004) and the bronze medal (2008) in the 94kg category. He has moved up into105kg and the change of bodyweight category paid off.

The 26-year-old Russian lifter Khadzimurat Akkaev was the editor’s pick for producing the most impressive performance at the 2011 European Championships and at the 2011 IWF World Championships Paris, France, as he pounded through six good attempts, producing very respectable numbers in the snatch, clean and jerk, and Total (195kg+230kg in Kazan and 198kg+232kg in Paris).

Akkaev stands 178 cm and he told me that he plans to stay at 105 kg, where his best lifts in training are 201 kg in the snatch (without straps) and 235 kg in the clean and jerk. Asked about the likely composition of the Russian team in 2012, Akkaev said that it is very possible that two lifters will be entered in the 105kg bodyweight category.

Khadzimurat has said that his brother was his biggest influence, explaining, “My brother trained and I wanted to be there with him,” so at the ripe age of 11, Khadzimurat started training, one of a group of 39 kids. One year later, as a 12-year old, he won his first contest, snatching 47kg and clean and jerking 67kg at 45kg bodyweight.

His coach through all these years has been Maxim Makkaev, and they follow 10 workouts per week, with each session lasting 1-1/2–2 hours.

Akkaev said they take a basic approach, emphasizing maximum snatches and maximum clean and jerks: “If I make 200 today, I will try 201 the next day.”

Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D.

Publisher & Editor-in-chief Milo 19.2