2012 President’s Cup Saint Petersburg, RUS

2012 President’s Cup Saint Petersburg, RUS

The IWF Grand Prix – President’s Cup will be held from 12 to 14 October,  2012 in St. Petersburg, Russia at the Palace of Sports “
Yubileyniy”. The  training will also be organized in the same venue.

The high organization level event delivered in 2011 will certainly be  topped by this second edition. St Petersburg offers an impressive  infrastructure to host the competition, and the professionalism of the experts  working on the planning and delivery meets the highest expectations.

The official accommodation is the “Vvedinskiy” Hotel. The Russian  Weightlifting Federation will cover the costs for the invited athletes and one  coach per National Federation. Additional athletes and coaches willing to  participate should cover their own expenses.

The athletes will be invited to compete in the following bodyweight  categories:

Men 94kg, 105kg, +105kg

Women 75kg, +75kg

Winners according to the Total result in each bodyweight category will be  awarded with

Prize Money as follows:

First place: 5 000 USD
Second place: 3 000 USD
Third place: 2 000 USD

Any athlete setting up a new Senior World Record will be awarded with the  following bonus:
Snatch: 3 000 USD
Clean & Jerk: 3 000 USD
Total: 6 000 USD

Final Entries to be sent before 15 September.
For more information, see the Regulation or go to the official website of  the event: http://en.pcwl.ru/
Check out the promotion video posted on Youtube!

Provisional Schedule

October 12 Arrival, accreditation, Verification of Final    Entries
October 13 15:00 Men, 94     kg
16:30 Opening Ceremony
17:00 Women, 75     kg
19:00 Men, 105kg
20:30 Concert
October 14 15:00 Women, + 75 kg
17:00 Men, + 105 kg
18:30 Closing Ceremony
21:00 Awarding Ceremony and Gala Dinner
October 15 Departure

Organizing Committee contacts:
Russian Weightlifting  Federation
Luzhnetskaya Quay 8 office 432  Moscow 119991 Russia
tel/fax: +7 495 637 06 29
e-mail: info@nullrfwf.ru