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Dr. Tamas Ajan’s evaluation on the President’s Cup

The creation of the President’s Cup is a great initiative. After more than twenty years of silence, the Russian Weightlifting Federation gave life signal. As far as I am concerned, I always make a distinction between countries that have a culture of weightlifting and those who have registered weightlifters. Here in Russia there is a strong tradition and a real culture of this sport. The Russian Weightlifting Federation’s leadership wants to breathe life back into Russian weightlifting and host high international level competitions such as the Friendship Cup used to be in the past.

The President’s Cup proved the Russian weightlifters didn’t stop their training after the 2011 IWF World Weightlifting Championships Paris, France and as a consequence; five fantastic world records were achieved. Of course the significant prize money had a great influence on athletes’ motivation.

The organization was fantastic, with a lot of new theatrical elements and effective innovations. The spectacle was truly amazing, thanks to a rich budget. High-quality music, dance, characterized these two days, combined with super lighting effects and visual solutions. We enjoyed here in friendly Belgorod’s Khorkina Sport Complex a well organized competition and I am glad to know that the series will continue. Our sport needs to show these programs more often to the world. Next year, St. Petersburg will host the President’s Cup, and the level will be certainly even higher. The 2012 calendar is full of very exciting competitions, and we will do out best to find the right date for this unique event.