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Flash interviews with President’s Cup 94kg category medal winners

Gold medallist Andrey Demanov (RUS)
The complete setting was very comfortable for all athletes, the warm up area was fine and the audience is very enthusiastic. We got a lot of support from them. I am of course full of emotions being able to win the very first cup of President’s Cup. I try to keep myself in good shape. The winning attempt on 217 kg was a real challenge for me as I had a back injury before. Psychologically it was very difficult for me but I am a very well trained sportsman and I showed my abilities. I think I could have lifted 220 kg as a maximum.

Silver medallist Alexandr Ivanov (RUS)
However I lost to Demanov I feel satisfaction winning three silver medals as I expected less than 386 kg total before the competition. This was an unlucky year for me as first I got a knee injury than flue stopped me competing. I hope next year will bring less injury and as a result of all my hard preparation I will be selected to take part at the London Games.

Bronze medallist Aumimas Didzbalis (LTU)
It is almost impossible to speak about next year’s forma t the end of 2011. One thing is sure; the bronze I achieved here is a good starting point for my Olympic preparation. We need more work and it will pay.
I hope the preparation period will be injury free and I do not have to suffer because of another back injury like I had in 2010.

Flash interviews with President’s Cup 75kg category medal winners

Gold medallist Natalya Zabolotnya (RUS)
Together with my mates we are all liked the organization very much here. I am really proud to represent Russia at this time. The music played at the time entering the arena was so emotional I felt a strong wish to start dancing. I enjoyed this atmosphere and the enthusiasm of the public.
Of course I am very satisfied with the prize money I won but you have to know a world championship title is more profitable. Due to my elbow injury I could not participate at the Paris World Championships I had a strong preparation for Belgorod contest. I wanted to prove my capacities with these world records. I tell you frankly the snatch was almost perfect. Clean and jerk needed more efforts for me.

Silver medallist Nadezda Evstyukhina (RUS)
I hope next year will bring me higher results. In Belgorod I had the maximum but do not forget was four kilogram less body weight than in Paris at the World championships.

Bronze medallist Lidia Valentin (ESP)
I have a lot of emotions as I was competing in front of a public knowing well what our sport is about, how serious work is needed to achieve a good result not talking about a world record.
I was born in Leon, North of Spain but I live in Madrid and I am a fan of Real Madrid, of course.

Flash interview with President’s Cup 105kg category medal winner

Gold medallist David Bejanyan (RUS)

I was very satisfied with the level of organization here, we had exceptional equipment provided, everything was given to achieve a super result.
The spectators deserved these high class results as we were enjoying their non stop support.
As the future is concerned Iam very eager to return to my home to celebrate the New Year’s Eve with my family members and friends. As next year is the Olympic one we have to collect all our power and mind. There is no time to relax, work must go on. I am sure my world record will not live for seven years as the previous one did.