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Zabolotnaya takes it all

The IWF Grand Prix President’s Cup held in Belgorod, Russia had an exceptional opening on 17th December. The competition is held in the Training Sport Complex named after two times Olympic (1996, 2000) and nine times World champion gymnast Svetlana Khorkina born in Belgorod. She greeted all participants of the first President’s Cup including 31 athletes representing 14 countries. The real star among them was Olympic silver medallist Natalya Zabolotnaya who closed 2011 with unexpected world record in the 75kg bodyweight category.

26 years Russian lifter snatched with 135kg with a technically brilliant movement. The previous world record was set up by Podobedova (KAZ), a year ago in Antalya. Podobedova had the sad end of the year as she lost her world record in the Total as well. However Natalya Zabolotnaya missed her first Clean and Jerk but later improved by 11kg. It was necessary to outclass the previous world record in Total. The new world record is 296kg. Zabolotnaya was awarded 14000 US dollars for the two world records and victory in 75kg over Evstyukhina (RUS) and Valentin (ESP) who both achieved 255kg.

The very first winner of the President’s Cup was Andrey Demanov (RUS) in 94kg. Two Russian Demanov and World Champion Alexandr Ivanov (2010) had a close fight won by Demanov. One kg difference decided between them as Demanov was able to perform 217kg Clean and Jerk. His total was recorded 387kg, as Ivanov with three silver medals pocketed had 386kg Total. The very first world record in the history of President’s Cup was set up by 17 years old Alexey Kosov (RUS) by 174kg, new youth world record.

The enthusiastic audience had a chance to enjoy another world record as well as David Bejanyan won in 105kg bodyweight category. Besides his victory (421kg) The Russian athlete (23) was hungry to set up a new world record Clean and Jerk 238kg. One of the oldest world record (237kg marked by Tsagaev (BUL) in 2004 in Kiev) had been broken.

The IWF Grand Prix President’s Cup Belgorod, Russia is broadcasted live on Eurosport tomorrow at 16h30 Central European Time. You can also follow the competition on our live Scoreboard displayed on the IWF website.