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President’s Cup preview

Many long-term programs supporting sport and healthy life style have been accepted in Russian Federation on federal and regional levels.

The confirmation of these words is the order signed by the President of Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev on third of February 2011, „on establishing the Russian Federation President’s Cup.”

President of Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev said: „Achievements in this area prove the fact that crisis period in Russian sport progress is close to the end. Our sportsmen have huge potential.”

After their excellent results at the 2011 IWF World Weightlifting Championships Paris, France it is time to prove the President’s words.

IWF Grand Prix President’s Cup is held from 16-18 December in Belgorod, the birth place of Dmitry Medvedev. (Belgorod is a city 600 km away from Moscow and 40 km distance from Ukrainian border.) The competition is held in the Training Sport Complex named after two times Olympic (1996, 2000) and nine times World champion gymnast Svetlana Khorkina born in Belgorod.

„This event follows the traditions of „Druzhba” (Friendship) Cup after 20 years long break” – said Sergey Syrtsov, President of Russian Weightlifting Federation. “The initiative to run the Cup was met with great enthusiasm and recognition in Russia and all over the world” – he added.

All relevant information can be found on the IWF website.