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Test Event on track

Competitions started today at the London Prepares Weightlifting International Invitational with Women’s 69kg and Men’s 94kg bodyweight categories.

After almost 6 years of planning, LOCOG together with the IWF is pleased to see the sport taking the stage and having all details prepared cautiously fell into place.

Athletes can now feel the Olympic spirit, and get closer to the environment and conditions to be ensured for the upcoming Olympic Games. Participants enjoy lifting the weights on the 25 platforms displayed in the training and the 12 in the warm-up area and are impressed by the Olympic venue Excel.

“This competition gives all weightlifters and officials the chance to experience being associated within the dynamics of an Olympic environment”- said David Luckes, Head of Sport Competition from LOCOG.

Women’s 69kg Podium:
1. SUWANNARATANA Wiriya (THA) Total: 240kg
2. KANG Yue (CHN) Total: 240kg
3. KASIRYE Ruth (NOR) Total: 219kg

Men’s 94kg Podium:
1. ZAIROV Intigam (AZE) Total: 377kg
2. LI Bing (CHN) Total: 362kg
3. MATAM MATAM David (FRA) Total: 355kg