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Cristina Iovu focuses on new targets

Christina Iovu (MDA) Junior European Champion was happy with her progress throughout 2011 and she thought the competition in Paris would have been her peak during her career up to now. Her opening 83 kg was the second highest weight to Snatch in 48kg bodyweight category.

She was injured and had to withdraw. After her disappointing bad luck Cristina Iovu hasn’t yet fully recovered from her right arm ligament trauma. Her injury at the moment still causes pain and discomfort. Currently Cristina is still doing a number of physiotherapy procedures (including laser therapy) necessary for her full recovery. Surprisingly Cristina continued her training sessions upon her return from Paris. Notably, at the moment she is avoiding putting too much pressure on her arms.

As Iovu explains, her trainings sessions are not in full strength while she’s still injured, and she mostly does exercises putting most of the pressure on the legs and back, such as squats. Her next competition would be the European Championship in Antalya next April.

By Natalia Donets