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2011 Asian Inter-Club Championships Tashkent, Uzbekistan

The AWF Electoral Congress was carried out in March 2011 in Tashkent. After this successful event Uzbekistan is again to host a significant meet.

The 2011 Asian Inter-Club Championships is held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan from 25 November to 2 December. Last year, this series of the competitions was held in Amman, Jordan.

It’s remarkable that two years ago, the Uzbeks were the host of the Asian Inter-Club Championships that did very well in handling the competitions. These championships are held after the World Senior Championships and provide a field of an evaluation of the weightlifters or the countries that couldn’t participate in the Worlds or might not do well in that event.

11 countries and approximately 123 athletes are expected to participate at Asian Cup & Interclubs Weightlifting Championships (AFG, IRI, KOR, THA, KGZ, PAK, PLE, QAT, TJK, TKM, and UZB).

In the framework of the IWF Development Program, the Uzbekistan Weightlifting Federation will host an International Weightlifting Seminar for coaches and referees during the competition.

For the referee part Mrs. Reiko Chinen from Japan will intervene as expert and for the coaching topics Mr Andras Szabo from Hungary will hold the lectures.