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World champion Novikava turned 30

After three World Championship silver medals, Paris finally brought the winning gold to Nastassia Novikava (58kg bodyweight category) who celebrated her 30th birthday during the WWC in Paris. The champion’s life was nothing but just celebration during the last week crowned by her birthday party. Novikava born in Zhodzhina (BLR) was very talented mostly in track and field, sprint and jump. A weightlifting coach lived next to the Novikava family and his stories on weightlifting attracted the young girl very much. Her mother looked with particularly bad eyes that Nastassia wanted to join the world of strength. Discovering Nastassia’s abilities her first coach promised gold medals to her mother, whom he could not convince as she found weightlifting not feminine enough, and was afraid of her daughter lifting.

“I have been very dedicated and I promised my parents to prove it was worthwhile dealing with this sport” Nastassia said. “For me it was no question: I wanted to continue anyway.”

Q: How did your mother receive the news of your very first World Championships gold?

A: She has never come to my competitions; she did not even watch the contest of Paris. She just heard as my father was shouting from the other room. They opened a bottle of champagne immediately.

Q: In 2004 you were 5th, in 2008 you had 3rd place at the Olympics. The logic of numbers and your first place in Paris, predicts your first place in London. How will you start your preparation at the beginning of January?

A: At the beginning of the year I always had troubles during my career. I only argued with my trainer. But now one thing is certain, this is not how I will start in January. I can’t think of anything else but the Olympic victory!