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Ele Opeloge has medal dreams

Samoa has never had a medal at World Championships. Beijing Olympics fourth placed Ole Opeloge thinks it is really high time to open a new chapter and she expects medal today in women +75kg competition. Her personal best is 130kg Snatch, 165kg Clean and Jerk. She hopes to improve these results and aim at 300kg in Paris. She feels herself strong enough to achieve her goal.

As she said her preparation was undisturbed during the trainings she had in Samoa. Her family helped her a lot to focus on her great task. The family works hard at a banana plantation and they live on this work. Finally Ele added she likes eating and her favorites are salmon, chicken and a local vegetable of Samoa, taro she misses very much here in Paris.

As Ele Opeloge’s plans mentioned she aims at Olympic participation and Commonwealth Games with her medals.