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105 kg: Russian Top Guns Faultless

In the presence of former two times Olympic Champion (1996, 2000) and four times World Champion judoka M. David Douillet, Sports Minister of France men’s 105kg category has once again seen a fierce competition after the two Russian teammates fought with each other to win the gold medal. But finally Khadzhimurat Akkaev could win three gold medals of this category. The Dome was full again and many had to fall back on sitting in the lobby area and watching the competition on giant beamer only.
All through the competitions, the Russian competitors, Akkaev and Dmitry Klokov bewildered the audience with their great performances, as they both made three-three correct lifts, and proved themselves to be the strongest athletes in the 105kg bodyweight category.

The end of the competition in both Snatch and Clean and Jerk were completely unpredictable as the last three lifters, the two Russian and Ukraine’s Oleksiy Torokhtiy, kept increasing their weights.

Akkaev, who was 2011 European Champion, demonstrated himself as the strongest man in 105kg category, with an overall of 430kg, 198 in Snatch and 232 in Clean and Jerk. His last attempt in Snatch was only 2kg lower than the world record of 200kg formerly set by Belarus’s Andrei Aramnau in 2008 at the Beijing Olympics. After his teammate Klokov finished Clean and Jerk with 232kg, Akkaev disappointed his fans as he also lifted ‘only’ 232kg.

Klokov, 2010 European Champion, once again came in second as he also won silver in 2010 World Champion and 2008 Beijing Olympics. He ended Paris 2011 World Championships with an overall of 428kg, 196 in Snatch and 232 in Clean and Jerk.

World Champion’s third icon was Ukraine’s Oleksiy Torokhtiy who was experiencing his first World Championships, but his great jerks raised the audience to their feet. He ended the competition with a Total of 410kg, 181 in the Snatch and 229 in the Clean and Jerk.
Georgia’s Gia Machavariani also made 6 correct lifts and won bronze medal in the Snatch with 187kg. The weightlifting fans will definitely witness much more demanding competition in London as these four competitors promised to perform even on a higher level in the coming Olympic Games.

Men’s 105kg Press Conference:

Speaking at press conference, Russian silver medallist Dmitry Klokov told the reporters that he had not been on the same club with Akkaev, as they live in different cities and train in different gyms. Right before the competitions the coach gathers them and they train together while they are staying in the National Team’s camps.

Dmitry also added it was the first championships that they were competing with each other, and that they know each other for ten years.

He stressed that during training sessions he made better performances, including 200 in Snatch and 240 in Clean and Jerk.

Being asked whether the two were friends and would celebrate their victories with each other, Russian world champion Akkaev said they are only “partners” and not friends, and that each is going to celebrate with the group that accompanied them for the IWF 2011 World Weightlifting Championships Paris.

When asked if they had fan clubs, the gold medalist said he did not have official fan club but has been the subject of discussions in internet.

Silver medalist said his family was his fan club. Ukraine’s bronze medallist Oleksiy Torokhtiy also considered his family, friends and coaches as his fan club. Torokhtiy said 2011 Paris two bronze medals were his first medals at a World Championships and that he was very happy to compete here.