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Podobedova lost her dominance in Women’s 75kg

Kazakh Podobedova could have been the only lifter in the world to win all three World Championships held after Beijing Olympics. Her dream did not come true. However she was successful in Snatch with 131 kg, just 1 kg advantage against her great rival Evstyukhina (RUS). By saving their final attempts Kulesha (BLR) ranked 3rd and Valentin (ESP) ranked 4th performing three-three correct lifts.

The dual between Podobedova and Evstyukhina was a nice example of building strategy based on strength and confidence. Podobedova tried to improve her own World Record but this time 135 kg was too heavy. This moment was the start of losing her crown.

A new protagonist Kim (PRK) performed very well missing only one attempt in Clean and Jerk. That helped her to occupy the 3rd position (265 kg). Podobedova ran into further trouble when she failed at her opening Clean and Jerk and had to reconsider her situation (156kg). On the other hand Evstyukhina was extraordinary motivated and determined. Top guns of this class attacked the Clean and Jerk World Record (162 kg). Finally Podobedova had to jump 7 kg without any success. The 2011 European Champion Evstyukhina proved why she led the world ranking list of the year. Full of confidence and the enthusiastic audience helped her clean and jerking 163 kg breaking her own World Record and taking gold medals.

Women 75kg Press Conference

Women’s 75kg category finished with Nadezda Evstyukhina (RUS) winning two gold and one silver medals, and also setting new World Record in Clean and Jerk.
Attending the Press Conference, Kazakhstan’s silver medallist Svetlana Podobedova said she got seriously injured two months ago during a very heavy training; accordingly she could not perform very well. And now she has to relax for weeks to feel better.

When being asked about the fact that she cried backstage, Svetlana stressed that this year was not a very successful year for her, and despite her serious injuries, she trained with her full energy.

She added it was a shame for her when she could not win the gold medal. Declaring she had to perform better and win gold medals but due to her injures she could not show her full power.

The winner walked directly to the doping control room.