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Iran is seeking for new world record in superheavyweight

Iran’s weightlifting team has participated in Paris 2011 World Championships with its young and powerful athletes. Behdad Salimi, world’s champion in super heavy weight and gold medalist at Asian Games 2010, is Iran’s greatest hope.
All members of Iran’s national team arrived in Disneyland on Tuesday, and they had their training sessions in the evenings. But the weights elevated over head by Salimi yesterday evening, proves that he is now completely ready to display his superiority in Paris 2011 championships.
While training in Disneyland, he snatched 200kg and clean and jerked 250kg for several times. It is predicted that he would begin his snatch with 200kg in World Championships. His first move would pave the way for Salimi to set new world record, as he has snatched 214-217 kg in his previous trainings.

Attending his first interview in Disneyland, Salimi said: “Right now I’m in a very good condition, I caught cold a week ago, but now I feel better. I would capture gold medals of this championship.”

He stressed that setting new record in the world championships was not easy and would depend on different aspects, but promised he would do his best to do so.
He said he was very happy for staying in Disneyland and visiting Paris. He plans to visit Eiffel Tower before his competition.