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Tsarukaeva stopped Maneza winning her third gold without break

The field was so dense Olympic Champion Pak (PRK) had no voice in the distribution of medals. World title holder Maneza (KAZ) has not impressed in the snatch as she was forced to repeat her opening exercise on 106 kg. Her 109 kg was enough to catch the third place on the medal podium. She already finished the snatch when Ouyang Xiaofang started the competition by lifting 110 kg. She was potentially explosive while Russian Tsarukaeva looked very strong at her opening 110 kg.

The battle for the two first places started. By repeating 113 kg Chinese Ouyang lost her chance for the gold. Their battle was not too intense anymore. Tsarukaeva worked well her way through the snatch trying to gain a most appreciated lead. The oldest world record on women record list lived almost exactly six years. Thai Pawina Thongsuk set up her world record (116 kg) in Doha at World Championships by snatching 116 kg. Tsarukaeva killed this result lifting 117 kg. She did all in her power.

Two previous times Russian lifter lost just by bodyweight but the Paris case was totally different when she was reaching an advantage of four kilos over the runner-up Ouyang.

The Chinese girl’s clean and jerk was not convincing at all and she hardly stayed in competition (133 kg). On the contrary the other two favorites were very competitive. The battle was practically over in the clean and jerk when Tsakuraeva took advantage of the mistake by Maneza and won the gold with 255 kg, with seven kg advantage. No one meant a real threat to the Russian athlete who had six good attempts. Maneza should have been consoled by clean and jerk world record mark 147 kg. As there was a mistake loading the barbell another chance was given to her. She thought her own world record was broken but she failed as the referees sanctioned her for a press out.

Women’s 63kg Press Conference

Women’s 63kg category ended with Russia’s Svetlana Tsarukaeva winning two golds and a silver medal, while the competitors had very close competitions.

Kazakhstan silver medalist, Maiya Maneza, wanted to change the world record of clean and jerk from 143kg to 147kg but faced a bad fortune as the barbells were misloaded.

She stressed that although she got another chance to try 147kg weight, the misloaded barbell had affected her second chance. Adding she could definitely set new record if the barbell was not misloaded.

The Russian world champion Svetlana, who had six correct attempts, expressed her delight over the results. Saying: “I’m very glad about my victory.”

Chinese bronze medalist Xiaofang Ouyang congratulated her opponents who won gold and silver medals, declaring that it was a fierce competition but she did her best to be among the medalists.