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20 years old Tang was unbeatable

Three brilliant athletes dominated the field in snatch. There was no weight too much for Tang Deshang (China) who had all his attempts without mistake. At his last appearance he snatched 155 kg. He was very fast and confident. Russian Chen this year’s European Champion wanted to be more powerful but he failed at 159 kg, by his last trial and he had to content himself with 156 kg.

He lost an opportunity for the gold as Mete Binay, the title holder did better with 157 kg. It is important to notice that Binay felt himself in excellent condition taking a risk when he asked for 166 kg. Markov’ world record (165 kg) has been untouched since 2000.Binay wanted to jump 9 kg. The question was so simple he closed the first session by 1 kg or 10 kg advantage. 1 kg has remained.

In clean and jerk Chen had the same route to run, could not go further than 180 kg. There were two lifters of Group B passing him, Kingue Matam (France 181 kg) and Won Jeongsik (KOR) who reached the podium by his 182 kg clean and jerk. Binay was able to produce only 177 kg ranked him only fourth in total. It was due not just to him but to Wu Chao as well. 19 years old Chinese lifter coming from the dark was faultless in clean and jerk (185 kg) and secured the bronze in total one kg behind Russian Chen (336 KG) who looked tired by the end of the day and missed his last attempt. These two Chinese juniors had a nice battle for the gold in clean and jerk and it was cleared Tang was unbeatable this evening. 20 years old newcomer celebrated his very first victory at big competition. He showed everybody the way how to register six correct lifts ending 341 kg in total.

Men’s 69kg Press Conference

Over 40 weightlifters competed in Men’s 69kg category and finally Chinese Deshang Tang selected two gold and one bronze medals.

Speaking at the press conference, the Chinese world champion Deshang Tang said he started weightlifting in 2001.

Deshang declared he competed many times with his teammate Wu Chao, and each of them had won equally.

Chinese bronze medalist Wu Chao who competed very closely with his gold medalist team mate, said he was born into a four-member family and has begun this sport in 2001.
He then highlighted that his snatch was not that strong and in order to be selected for the Olympic Games he has to improve it. And that due to his coach’s plan he will work harder on his snatch.

Being asked why he elevated 185kg over head and not 186 to win the gold medal in clean and jerk and silver medal in total, Wu Chao said he did not have confidence in 186, and that’s why he asked for 185 to make sure he would be among the medallists.

Russia’s silver medalist Oleg Chen said he was born in Kazakhstan and has started weightlifting since he was eight years old and had his first major competition at 18. Adding he now lives in Moscow and studies law, and has always had wanted to come to Disney land, and now not only his dream came true but also he won medals at Disneyland.

Audience expressed their congratulation after Oleg said he will marry on November 25, and that he decided to bring his future children to enjoy the beauty of Disneyland.

When asked why he left Kazakhstan for Russia, Oleg described that his father came from Korea and his mother from Russia, but they married in Kazakhstan as they were working there, and moved to Russia when he was a child as they had found jobs in Moscow.

Vencelas Dabaya Tientcheu, France’s 2006 world champion, also attended the press conference vowed to return to his past years of great performances.

Dabaya who came in thirteenth at Paris 2011 world championships, added it was true that he got aged but he would not stop this sport. “In fact my sport got affected by some bad events such as injuries, but I would do better in European Championships”.