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Novikava came up with gold zone

Asia showcased six lifters to beat Novikava (BLR) who had just one goal for Paris to change her silver medals of the last two World Championships for her first ever gold.

Novikava could stop Asian dominance in a dramatic endgame. The Beijing Olympic Games medallist Novikava opened with a 101 kg attempt but later could not improve her result and change her position. Li Xueying took advantage of her rival’s failure as she Snatched 103 kg. The Chinese lifter had a strong wish to get rid of Novikava by lifitng 108 kg. She was disappointed by her mistake did not allow her to lead by 7 kg before Clean and Jerk. Interestingly enough almost 50 percent of Snatch exercises were wrong and this unusual situation made way for Romela Begaj (ALB) of Group B to grab bronze medal that made her extremely happy.

One of the North Korean lifters Jo Pok Hyang ran into trouble when she was not able to handle 127 kg in any of her Clean and Jerk attempts. Only her very first Snatch was on record, all the five following lifts were unsuccesful. Thai Sirikaew’s powerful Clean and Jerk was characterized by full of go combined with her three flawless movements. World Champion in 2009, Asian Champion in 2011 Li wished for another gold. 133 kg was not an obstacle and this way Novikava had to ask 136 kg, 7 kg more than she Clean and Jerked by her second appearance on the platform. Gold or bronze? She was not interested in another silver, just the first place magnetized her. Novikava’s benefit performance amazed the audience. It was easy to understand there was no reason to fear of her Clean and Jerk. Finally she reached her aim to receive gold medal. Novikava is the winner of European Championships and World Championships this year.

Women’s 58kg Press Conference

Women’s 58kg category faced a close competition with Belarus’s Nastassia Novikava winning two gold medals in Clean and Jerk and Total.

Despite the fact that her last two attempts coincided with Disneyland’s noisy fire arts, the Belarusian Champion could deeply concentrate on her attempts.
While speaking at Press Conference, Nastassia said the noise outside did not disturb her and she did her best. Adding when she started her first attempt she was very much determined to get the gold medals.

Stressing she will train harder for the Olympic Games, the gold medallist said Paris 2011 World Championships was a preparation for the London 2012 Games.

Nastassia, who is going to celebrate her birthday in 2 weeks, said the result of Paris 2011 Championships has brought her a great birthday gift. Adding she will celebrate her birthday with her family and cheerful friends.
The Chinese silver medallist Xueying Li explained she was not sure if she could compete at the London Olympics, since she has not performed well at World Championships. She said she will soon begin her trainings even harder than before to be able to take part in the 2012 Olympics.
Thailand’s bronze medallist Pimsiri Sirikaew, expressed delighted to select two very important medals. She said her results at the Paris 2011 Championships were her best results ever.

Pimsiri added she started weightlifting when she was 15 years old (6 years ago), and was later get interested in this sport as she believed she has good physical abilities for this sport.

Being asked whether she would be among London Olympics’ medallist, Thai lifter said she was not quite sure, but would try her best to keep ready for the 2012 Games.