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Women’s 53kg Press Conference

Women’s 53kg category finished with Kazakhstan’s athlete Zulfiya Chinshanlo selecting three gold medals and being called as the queen of 53kg weight class as she set up new World Record.

Speaking at press conference, Kazakhstan’s champion Zulfiya Chinshanlo declared that she had elevated heavier weights over head in her training sessions, including 103kg in snatch and 137 in clean and jerk.
Chinshanlo said she has started weightlifting in 2004, and her record at Paris 2011 Championships was her first senior world record.

Being asked why she did not compete in any championships this year, the 18-year-old champion said after the Asian Games in December last year, she was focusing on Paris 2011 competitions, that’s why she was absent during this period.

Turkey’s silver medalist Aylin Dasdelen, who did fantastic performance with six correct attempts, stressed that she also made six correct lifts last time before in 2002 and considered her great trust in her coach as a key to her success.

Dasdelen declared that her Paris 2011 championships results were her personal best, as she formerly competed in 58kg category. She said she must focus more on snatch in the future because clean and jerk was very easy for her, and snatched 100kg and clean and jerked 130 kg in training.

Pledging to be among the medalists at London Olympics, Dasdelen said she will celebrate her 30th birthday on 1st of January and London 2012 would possibly be her last competition.

Being asked over the black ribbon on her cloth, Turkish medalist said it was the sign of grief over the death of many of her home mates in the recent earthquake.