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Change-over on the top

A year ago at Antalya Worlds North Korean Kim Un Guk became gold medallist for the first time in his life. His rival Chinese Zhang Jie had to settle for the second place. This year the situation has turned round. Kim Un Guk lost the Asian Championship against his rival and he had to congratulate him in Paris again. However the Snatch promised him forceful continuation as he reached 150 kg without missed attempt. While Zhang failed at his last trial with 147 kg. At that moment not too many thought that five kilogram difference supported by lighter bodyweight will not be enough for a North Korean victory again. Turkish Sezer captured the bronze feeling Irawan’s breathe on his neck.

Clean and Jerk brought strange series of attempts by the athletes’ final lifts. Almost everyone was all nerves. Out of 10 just two was able to close successfully the competition and all the others missed their last chance. Kim lost his power just during the very last phase of his 175 kg attempt. His failure opened the gate in front of Zhang. The Chinese had a mistake for the first time and had to show himself again. Silver as it happened a year ago or gold for the first time? His fate was in his hands and Zhang made a score and became the World Champion of Paris. He improved 6 kg comparing to his Antalya result while Kim could not show any development during the last year. Snatch bronze medallist Sezer had a poor Clean and Jerk performance and the bronze in total was taken over by Irawan. Kim was presented a special prize as he won the 3700th medal of World Championships history. Cold comfort for the poor North Korean lifter who returns home with his injured elbow.