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At the end of the line

It could look unusual but at this time I tried to interview those who are absolutely at the bottom of the order after 62 kg category finished last evening.
We had 36 lifters and the very last two among them were young athletes arriving from Oceania.

Position number 36 is occupied by Stevick Patris from Palau, and Lapua Lapua Tuau representing Tuvalu was ranked 35th. They are both 20 years old, both train in New Caledonia and they mostly speak the language of Palau and Tuvalu. Above all the most important is they are both newcomers, who have never participated at World Championships before.

Lapua said he started weightlifting just two years ago and he selected this sport as he does not like the atmosphere around team sports. He enjoys competing alone to be challenged individually. ‘I cherish when I have all the focus on me’, he added.

Patris has a longer history in weightlifting as he started training when he was twelve. ‘I followed my father who used to be a lifter’, he explained. ‘However I could catch just the very last position I am sure it was a good decision to deal with this sport’, Patris continued.

Patris was very nervous already before the competition started and his skittishness followed him all the time on the platform. He could perform only his opening exercises correctly.

Lapua was not disappointed about his performance however he could reach his target neither. ‘I came here to break my personal best results. At the same time I had five correct attempts make me proud. It is very important to collect more international experience here’, he told.
They promise to have joint efforts to improve for the next year. They both have a dream to be stronger, both long for Olympic experience and both are trembling in Paris as the weather is very cold here for them comparing to New Caledonia.