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The young queen of 53 kg returned

53 kg category was determined by Asia as the group A line up had 9 Asian lifters out of 13.

The field was decorated by 2009 World champion Kazakh Chinshanlo and 2011Universiade winner Ji Jing.

Yuderquis Contreras, a well known 58kg competitor, was registered into this category as a surprise. Chinshanlo made life difficult for her closest contenders as she had very good tactics pushing Ji Jing higher and higher. Contreras was successful in snatch achieving one kilo less than her Pan American record.(95 kg) Very unexpectedly Ji Jing remained on her opening 93 kg and was far behind to the leaders due to her massive bodyweight also. However Chinshanlo was not able to snatch 100 kg but she was waiting for Clean and Jerk in leading position.

The second part of the competition was a memorable run for Chinsanlo. Surprisingly there was no battle between her and Chinese lifter. Duplicating her snatch result Ji Jing could not step forward than her first attempt in Clean and Jerk. Turkish Dasdelen passed her by to end with the silver medal in total with 219 kg, while Ji Jing was left 3rd with 214kg. Dasdelen was the only athlete with six correct attempts. With her last exercise Chinshanlo triumphed. One lift – three records. Her 130 kg meant Senior Clean and Jerk World Record, and at the same time she broke the junior clean and jerk and total world records as well (227 kg).

Compering to the result of her first World Championship title in 2009 she improved 8 kg. The gold medal went to the youngest competitor (18 years) and the silver to the oldest (30 years).