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18 years old junior Tian Yuan crowned in 48 kg

Chinese Tian Yuan was in a league by herself, with six successful lifts and three gold medals, 90 kg in the Snatch and 117 in the Clean and Jerk, for 207 kg total.

The young talent was conservative enough with her first attempt by 108 kg. A last minute call ordered to increase to 111 kg. The movement indicated she could ask for more. She asked for 115 kg and finally 117 kg. She had nothing else in her mind just to be faultless. She was the only athlete with six perfect lift.

At a satisfactory distance Khamsri Panida (THA) followed her with silver in the Total with 187 kg.

Nurdan Karagoz (TUR) Snatched 80 and Clean and Jerked 103 kg for bronze in the Total with 183 kg. After her missed attempt she had to concentrate strongly to find the right balance. Her strength brought her double bronze.

There was a great fight for this bronze medal and bodyweight and strategy determined the final positions.
The Italian lifter with Olympic experience Genny Caterina Pagliaro Snatched a silver (83 kg) but could not stay in competition by 100 kg clean and jerk. Her failure opened the way for others to think of a shining medal.

Press Conference:

Speaking at press conference, Chinese gold medalist stressed that her main object was to have six good attempts although she had formerly lifted heavier weights in the training sessions back in China than in Paris. It was the reason she did not try to break junior world record at this time however she already Clean and Jerked 120 in training. Promising to do better in future competitions, Yuan said she is very young now and has a long way in her future.

Being asked whether she would also win gold medal at London Olympics, Yuan said that it will be clear just next year if she could compete at London 2012, and that there would be national competitions to select who would be the strongest enough to participate the Olympic Games.
She added she is to enjoy the beauty of Paris and go for shopping in the so-called shopping paradise. Her favorite free time activity is shopping, but plans to visit Disneyland and Tour Eiffel as well before returning China on the 9th November.

Thailand’s Khamsri Panida, told the reporters she was satisfied with her result, but she formerly lifted 85kg in snatch and 110kg in clean and jerk in her trainings.

She said she started lifting six years ago. She added that her coaches had great influence on her as she did not like lifting at the beginning. Her idol is Thailand’s Aree Wiratthaworn, 2004 Olympic bronze medalist (48 kg).Her motivation is to surpass her idol by Olympic Gold medal in London.