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IWF Committee Meetings in Paris

The 3 IWF Committees held their meeting yesterday in Paris, France right before the 2011 World Weightlifting Championships starting on 5 November.

During the Joint Meeting, the Minimum Standards for World Championships were discussed, and several other items having cross over interest and impact on the work of the 3 Committees.

Technical Committee

Among several items of the Technical Committee’s agenda, the IWF category 3 International Technical Officials Card was introduced.

The Technical Committee gave an update of:
Actual technical questions and rule modifications
Oscilliation of the barbell
Press out
Bandages and tapes

The Committee also discussed the development of the “Electronic Change of Call” system to be used in the warm-up area.

Coaching & Research Committee

The 2 main tasks of the Meeting were related to the elaboration and distribution of the Level 1 Club Coach Manual DVD, and the preparation of the Level 2. The Coaching & Research Committee is in close cooperation with the Medical Committee on several topics in regard to the Level 2.

The Spanish version of the Level 1 Club Coach Manual was completed, and the Arabic, Korean and Thai versions are still in process which is great help to reach out to the largest public.

Medical Committee

The IWF Medical Committee concentrated on the critical issue of contamination with special regard to Methylhexaneamine and Clenbuterol.

The prohibited substances used in weightlifting were largely discussed in view of the cases of 2010 and 2011.

Medical Committee Members emphasized on the importance of medical equipment on Word Championships and the need to cooperate with Continental Medical Committees.

The IWF would like to thank the Committee Members for their contribution!