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Kostova and Hristov to lift for Azerbaijan

Bulgarian weightlifting federation has issued a permit for Boyanka Kostova and Valentin Hristov to compete for Azerbaijan during the forthcoming Wolrd Championships. Kostova was approached by the Azeri delegation right after she won the title at tha First Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. Because of a long ongoing dispute about her licence she left her home of birth and decided to accept the option along with her coach Latchezer Kishkilov. The duo left for Baku in summer. Kostova is the niece of former world record holder and champion Plamen Zheliaskov.

Hristov competed for Azerbaijan in the last European Championships and was about to receive a gold medal, when was omitted from the official results list due to lack of permit from Bulgaria.

In the next few days the two federations will have to work out a transfer fee agreement, explained Nedelcho Kolev, President of Bulgarian Weightlifting.