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Excelling performances on the 4th day in Guadalajara

69kg women
Too strong coming from behind
She may have not impressed in the snatch, but in the C&J she certainly took matters into her own hands. With a gutsy performance by hometown hero, Cinthya Dominguez (MEX) snatching 103 kg in her third attempt (for a correction), Mercedes Perez (COL) and Aremi Fuentes (MEX) trailed close behind with 101kg each. But as soon as the second part started, it was clear who was the strongest in this small group of competitors in the 69kg category. Fuentes stayed third with a best lift of 120kg and Dominguez, did only 123kg in her opener, missing twice from there on. The table was then set for Perez to go from 125 to 131kg in her second attempt towards a new Pan Am record. An attempt at 135kg in her third chance was reversed by the jury, but nevertheless, the positions were already fixed. Tenorio (ECU) and Rue (USA) was no match ending fourth and fifth, respectively.

94kg men
Once again, we see a repetition
At first the medals were finely distributed among the participating countries in the previous three days, but coming into the fourth day, we see that some countries have invaded the medal podium to stay. In these XVI Pan American Games, Eduardo Guadamud, ECU, came back to the weightlifting stage after a few years absence. He worked well his way through the snatch trying to gain a most appreciated lead. But it was to no avail because the Cuban, Javier Vanegas and the Venezuelan, Herbys Marquez decided it was time to advance past Guadamud in the second part. In their third attempt each one of these athletes made a good lift, but in the reverse order of the medals. First Guadamud assured bronze, then Marquez lifted enough for the silver, and Vanegas left no doubt that Cuba still has a little left of what was the strongest country in the American Continent.

75kg women
An attempted ambush that did not work
When a country consolidates itself as a continental powerhouse it usually goes for the women as for the men. This is the case of Colombia, searching and reaching for more gold medals in Guadalajara 2011. Although a very small group (six competitors turned into five when Jaqueline Ferreira, BRA, failed to make a single good snatch), the stakes were high with two girls from Venezuela trying to ambush Ubaldina Valoyes of Colombia. To this attack, the junior lifter Maria Valdes (CHI) included herself reaching the third place in snatch right ahead of Maria Alvarez (VEN) with 100kg each. Second was the other Venezuelan Yarvanis Herrera with 104kg. But Valoyes had no mercy going three for three and reaching an advantage of nine kilos over the runner-up Herrera. The Clean & Jerk was a Colombian show when Valoyes assured the gold with 137kg while her contenders were left very far behind: Valdes 129kg and Alvarez 128kg.