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Pan American Games and PAWF Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico

The PAWF Congress was held on 22 October in Guadalajara, Mexico during the Pan American Games.

Besides the IWF representatives Mr. Dragomir Cioroslan, Vice President and Mr. Basilio Chalak, Executive Board Member; 20 countries attended the Congress.

Mr. Cioroslan delivered Dr. Tamás Aján IWF President’s message to the delegations and conveyed the IWF’s appreciation to Mr. Willian Ozuna, PAWF President and Mr. Rosalio Alvarado, Mexican Weightlifting Federation President.

Held prior to the competitions, the Congress featured several reports and presentations by the 2012 Pan American events’ Organizing Committees. The Congress proved that the Pan American weightlifting family is very united.

The Pan American weightlifting competition is off to a good start. Only 7 sports are televised live out of 37. Weightlifting is one of them. Also weightlifting is one of the seven broadcasted live on Radio.