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Iran’s greatest hopes

Iran’s national team is trained by head coach Koroush Bagheri (34), world champion in 2001 in Antalya (94 kg).

His team’s strongest point is World Champion and Asian Games gold medallist Behdad Salimi (22) in superheavy category.

World’s strongest man proved himself a modern Hercules lifted 214 kilograms for his second snatch. He managed to elevate 217 kilograms overhead in his third attempt at Takhti Stadium of the provincial capital Sanandaj located 1800 meters above the sea level as ISNA reported. The current world record set by Iranian icon Hossein Rezazadeh, who had snatched 213 kilograms in 2003.

Salimi lifted personal record 256 kg in clean and jerk and reached 473 kg in total, one kg more than Rezazadeh’s current world record set up in Sydney in 2000.Salimi’s main goal in Paris is to set up official world records in snatch and total, along with winning three gold medals.

Iran’s other favourite is Kianoush Rostami (20) in 85kg category. He won the bronze medal in Antalya in 77kg category. He was then crowned as junior world champion in Malaysia in 85 kg (on bodyweight). He is now working hard to win the senior championships title. During his trainings he has lifted 170-175 kilogram in snatch, and 210-215 in clean and jerk.

Iran’s third greatest hope is Saeed Mohammadpour junior world champion in Malaysia in 94 kg category. He is in top shape, his training results are 180 kg in snatch and 215-220 in clean and jerk. His results in Penang were 175 kg and 210 kg. His strong rival is Asghar Ibrahimi, silver medalist at Asian Games in 94 kg category.

Sajad Behrouzi (22), who participated in 2005 Qatar WWC at his age of 16 years old, will compete in 69 kg.

(by Mohammad Reza Akhoundi)