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5th International Athletes’ Forum

More than 100 athletes from five continents took part in three days of discussions at the 5th International Athletes’ Forum held by the IOC in Colorado Springs, USA. There was a day of joint meetings with the Athletes’ Council of the International Paralympic Committee, World Anti-Doping Agency’s Athletes Committee, Continental Associations and athletes’ commission representatives from the International Federations.

Topics ranged from the International Olympic Committee’s Athlete Career Program to athletes’ entourages, betting and gambling and anti-doping. Maxim Agapitov, Chairman of the IWF Athlete’s Commission participated in these discussions, particularly the discussion on the Career Program, which provides guidance and the necessary tools to successfully manage training, competition and the challenges and opportunities of day-to-day life as an elite athlete. Sports activities were also organized at the U.S. Olympic Committee Training Center.

“I believe that, first and foremost, coaches and parents of athletes should be familiar with the Program because they influence athletes at each stage of their career and help them to achieve their goals both inside and outside of sport, particularly in education.” – said Mr. Maxim Agapitov, who took part in the Forum on behalf of the International Weightlifting Federation as Chairman of the IWF Athletes’ Commission.