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Renewed Optimism in Guadalajara

Pan-American Games organizers say that while minor work needs to be done to complete several venues, they are optimistic all will be ready to go when the games open on Friday.

The Pan-American Games, which are expected to attract about 6,000 athletes, have been plagued by delays over the last year.

Officials, speaking at a news conference, said the venue for track and field was nearly complete and was expected to be inspected this week with certification likely to follow.
Mario Vazquez Raña, president of the Pan American Sports Organization (ODEPA), acknowledged that the preparation for the games has been plagued by problems.

“You know very well that we had a lot of problems with the organizing committee,” Vazquez Raña told. “Five or six months ago we began to see light at the end of the tunnel. … A year ago it did not seem the games would take place in Guadalajara.”

The home of weightlifting competition

The weightlifting Forum with a capacity for 1000 people, was opened in May 2010. It is an auditorium located in the Paradero CODE Sports Unit.

It has an official competition platform which is complemented with 32 warming-up platforms for weightlifting, as well as a massage, jacuzzi and dressing room area.