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Weightlifters reward Shenzhen’s splendid Universiade with outstanding performance

Halfway into the weightlifting competitions at the 26th Summer Universiade in Shenzhen, China, weightlifting performances astonish all visitors and organisers. Competitors coming from all the five continents bring a high lifting standard on the stage of the Complex Training Hall of Shenzhen Sports School. The lineups in both the men’s and the women’s categories feature some former World Championship medal winners and University World Champions.

The host nation China already boasts three Universiade Champions, but Indonesia has also won two categories alongside PRK and ARM.

Both the host public and the FISU Family and visitors are impressed by the dynamism and the excitement that weightlifting has brought to the Universiade program. At its first appearance, weightlifting is certainly making a strong and lasting impact.

(Photos by A.N.Mora & G.Kodrucz)