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China ready to host a ‘Green’ Universiade

The Organizers of the 26th Universiade said that the event will lack fireworks and other grand displays traditionally associated with major sporting events, as they are aiming to make it a “green” event.

“Various measures have been taken during the preparation of the Universiade to ensure that the Games, which will be held in south China’s city of Shenzhen starting from August 12, will be environment friendly”, Xu Qin, vice president and secretary-general of the event’s organizing committee, said at a press conference.

Xu, who is also the mayor of Shenzhen, said the event’s opening ceremony will emphasize the theme of “the return of sports.”

“No fireworks displays will be staged, and no stars or celebrities will appear at the opening ceremony,” Xu said at the press conference.

Xu said that the stage used during the opening ceremony is made of recycled plastic bottles. He also noted that 65 percent of the event’s venues have been remodeled or based on existing facilities in order to save costs and reduce the event’s environmental impact. “The newly built UniversiadeVillage and Universiade Centerwill feature new energy-saving technologies and materials”, Xu added.

This environmentally friendly approach will be utilized not only within the Universiade, but also in the city of Shenzhen itself. Xu said the municipal government will put 2,011 alternative-energy vehicles on the city’s streets during the 12-day event. The municipal government has also opened five new subway lines in order to lower carbon emissions. “The city has planted over 1.28 million trees since winning the rights to host the event in 2007”, Xu added.