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Impressive performances during the last competition day at the JWC

Junior World Championships Podium Men’s 105kg

Snatch: 1 ARROYO VALDEZ Jorge David (ECU) 183kg, 2 BERSANOV Ibragim (KAZ) 175kg, 3 PLESNIEKS Arturs (LAT) 173kg
Clean & Jerk: 1 ARROYO VALDEZ Jorge David (ECU) 210kg, 2 PLESNIEKS Arturs (LAT) 210kg, 3 JEON Dae-Un (KOR) 207kg
TOTAL: 1 ARROYO VALDEZ Jorge David (ECU) 393kg, 2 PLESNIEKS Arturs (LAT) 383kg, 3 TKACHENKO Oleksandr (UKR) 378kg

ARROYO VALDEZ Jorge David won the first Gold Medal of the competition for Ecuador and performed above his expectations. He broke his personal bests with 183kg in the Snatch and 210kg in the Clean & Jerk. After a Gold a Silver and a Bronze Medal for the Total won in Sofia at the World Championships 2010, he ended up with outstanding results and the so coveted 3 Gold at the 2011 WJC. “All the work, the hard training and the good advices were fruitful” – he said.

Junior World Championships Podium Men’s +105kg

Snatch: 1 MINASYAN Gor (ARM) 178kg, 2 MOULAEI Bahador (IRI) 177kg, 3 ORESHNIKOV Sergey (RUS) 174kg
Clean & Jerk: 1 MOULAEI Bahador (IRI) 231kg, 2 KAZEMINEJAD Alireza (IRI) 217kg, 3 ORESHNIKOV Sergey (RUS) 210kg
TOTAL: 1 MOULAEI Bahador (IRI) 408kg, 2 KAZEMINEJAD Alireza (IRI) 386kg, 3 ORESHNIKOV Sergey (RUS) 384kg

MOULAEI Bahador (IRI) broke his Personal Record in the Clean & Jerk and in the Total, performance that allowed him to take over two Gold Medals in the Super-Heavy. Second place was also grabbed by an Iranian lifter: KAZEMINEJAD Alireza. Hossein Rezazadeh’s presence nearby the stage motivated both lifters to give their bests and they tried to excel in order to impress the Iranian Legend. The Bronze Medal went to the Russian lifter ORESHNIKOV Sergey who had serious misfortune while performing his second attempt of the Clean & Jerk. The barbell hit his throat and despite the fact that his coach told him to drop the barbell he tried his best to stabilize it.

Congratulations to all participants of the 2011 JWC!