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Last Women’s category at the JWC

Junior World Championships Podium Women’s +75kg

Snatch: 1 PULSABSAKUL Chitchnok (THA) 123kg, 2 NOGAY Nadezhda (KAZ) 122kg, 3 YAO Chi-Ling (TPE) 106kg
Clean & Jerk: 1 NOGAY Nadezhda (KAZ) 148kg, 2 PULSABSAKUL Chitchnok (THA) 147kg, 3 YAO Chi-Ling (TPE) 137kg
TOTAL: 1 NOGAY Nadezhda (KAZ) 270kg, 2 PULSABSAKUL Chitchnok (THA) 270kg, 3 YAO Chi-Ling (TPE) 243kg

NOGAY Nadezhda (KAZ) lifted a Youth World Record in the Snatch with 122kg, but still got the second place right after PULSABSAKUL Chitchnok (THA). In the Total, the Kazakh lifer’s aim was the Gold Medal, so with 270kg and because of her lighter bodyweight she stood up on the first place of the podium. NOGAY Nadezhda is already getting prepared for the World Championships 2011 held in Paris, France.