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Great performances in Penang

Junior World Championships Podium Women’s 75kg

Snatch: 1 ZUBOVA Olga (RUS) 118kg, 2 NURMUKHAMBETOVA Anna (KAZ) 115kg, 3 LI Rongyan (CHN) 111kg
Clean & Jerk: 1 ZUBOVA Olga (RUS) 150kg, 2 NURMUKHAMBETOVA Anna (KAZ) 142kg, 3 LI Rongyan (CHN) 142kg
TOTAL: 1 ZUBOVA Olga (RUS) 268kg, 2 NURMUKHAMBETOVA Anna (KAZ) 257kg, 3 LI Rongyan (CHN) 253kg

ZUBOVA Olga told the press that she was very happy with her results. She won the 3 Gold Medals, while her sister who competed within the 69kg bodyweight category ended up third. The small competition that exists among them motivates both sisters to perform at their best.

Junior World Championships Podium Men’s 94kg

Snatch: 1 MOHAMMADPOUR K. Saeid (IRI) 175kg, 2 KOLOMIETS Evgeny (RUS) 170kg, 3 ZAICHIKOV Alexandr (KAZ) 165kg
Clean & Jerk: 1 MOHAMMADPOUR K. Saeid (IRI) 210kg, 2 ZAICHIKOV Alexandr (KAZ) 206kg, 3 COBZARIU Leonard (ROU) 206kg
TOTAL: 1 MOHAMMADPOUR K. Saeid (IRI) 385kg, 2 KOLOMIETS Evgeny (RUS) 375kg, 3 ZAICHIKOV Alexandr (KAZ) 371kg

KOLOMIETS Evgeny (RUS) tried to grab the first place from MOHAMMADPOUR K. Saeid (IRI), but failed during his last attempt of the Clean & Jerk and ended up with the second place in the Total.

Mr. Nicu Vlad, IWF Vice President and President of the Romanian Weightlifting Federation accompanied his athlete COBZARIU Leonard to the press conference and expressed his contentment in regard to his overall performance during the competition.