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Report from the Junior World Championships


Junior World Championships Podium Women’s 58kg:

Snatch: 1 DENG Wei (CHN) 110kg, 2 GULNOI Rattikan (THA) 93kg, 3 DIAZ Hidilyn (PHI) 93kg
Clean & Jerk: 1 DENG Wei (CHN) 133kg, 2 JO Pok Hyang (PRK) 122kg, 3 GULNOI Rattikan (THA) 121kg
TOTAL: 1 DENG Wei (CHN) 243kg, 2 JO Pok Hyang (PRK) 215kg, 3 GULNOI Rattikan (THA) 214kg

DENG Wei was very proud of her achievements during the competition. She equaled the Junior World Record in Clean & Jerk with 110kg and failed her attempt to break it.
However, she broke her previous Junior World Record in the Total performing 243kg.

Junior World Championships Podium Men’s 69kg:

Snatch: 1 HUANG Peiyong (CHN) 140kg, 2 GODELLI Daniel (ALB) 140kg, 3 PIPA Artiom (MDA) 138kg
Clean & Jerk: 1 BEHROUZI Jaber (IRI) kg, 2 GODELLI Daniel (ALB) 169kg, 3 HUANG Peiyong (CHN) 168kg
TOTAL: 1 GODELLI Daniel (ALB) 309kg, 2 HUANG Peiyong (CHN) 308kg, 3 BEHROUZI Jaber (IRI) 303kg

First European Gold Medal won by the Albanian GODELLI Daniel. Knowing that in Total he had enough to win the Gold, he wouldn’t risk a second and third attempt of the Clean & Jerk due to his elbow injury.

The Iranian fans came to support BEHROUZI Jaber who said during the Press Conference: “I could have won with my personal best…”


Junior World Championships Podium Women’s 53kg:

Snatch: 1 CHEN Xiaoting (CHN) 97kg, 2 CHOE Hyo Sim (PRK) 89kg, 3 SUTANAN Kittima (THA) 83kg
Clean & Jerk: 1 CHEN Xiaoting (CHN) 116kg, 2 CHOE Hyo Sim (PRK) 108kg, 3 SUTANAN Kittima (THA) 105kg
TOTAL: 1 CHEN Xiaoting (CHN) 213kg, 2 CHOE Hyo Sim (PRK) 197kg, 3 SUTANAN Kittima (THA) 188kg

Junior World Championships Podium Men’s 62kg:

Snatch: 1 MAO Chen (CHN) 136kg, 2 ISMAYILOV Daniyar (TKM) 135kg, 3 HAN Myeong-Mok (KOR) 130kg
Clean & Jerk: 1 MAO Chen (CHN) 165kg, 2 HASBI Muhamad (INA) 158kg, 3 ITOKAZU Yoichi (JPN) 155kg
TOTAL: 1 MAO Chen (CHN) 301kg, 2 HASBI Muhamad (INA) 287kg, 3 ISMAYILOV Daniyar (TKM) 286kg

Gold medalist MAO Chen (CHN) began weightlifting at the age of 9, while the Silver medalist HASBI Muhamad (INA) began at 13. ISMAYILOV Daniyar (TKM) started when he was 12.

MAO said: “My goal was to reach 140 in Snatch and 170 in Clean & Jerk. Even if I couldn’t accomplish my objectives, I am satisfied with my performance.”


Junior World Championships Podium Women’s 48kg:

Snatch: 1 SIRIMONGKHON Wipada (THA) 86kg, 2 HUANG Yuezhen (CHN) 86kg, 3 OKUR Saziye (TUR) 82kg
Clean & Jerk: 1 HUANG Yuezhen (CHN) 110kg, 2 SIRIMONGKHON Wipada (THA) 101kg, 3 OKUR Saziye (TUR) 100kg
TOTAL: 1 HUANG Yuezhen (CHN) 196kg, 2 SIRIMONGKHON Wipada (THA) 187kg, 3 OKUR Saziye (TUR) 182kg

Junior World Championships Podium Men’s 56kg:

Snatch: 1 LI Fabin (CHN) 124kg, 2 ASKARI Majid (IRI) 123kg, 3 THACH KIM Tuan (VIE) 120kg
Clean & Jerk: 1 OM Yun Chol (PRK) 156kg, 2 THACH KIM Tuan (VIE) 153kg, 3 LI Fabin (CHN) 151kg
TOTAL: 1 LI Fabin (CHN) 275kg, 2 ASKARI Majid (IRI) 273kg, 3 THACH KIM Tuan (VIE) 273kg

The first competition within Men ended up with a Chinese Gold won by the lifter LI Fabin. Iran proudly celebrated ASKARI Majid who stood up on the second place of the Podium. THACH KIM Tuan (VIE) earned the first medal to his country.

It is interesting to note, that ASKARI Majid trained 5-6 months to be prepared for the JWC, while LI Fabin told the Press that he is training continuously since 3 years to perform at his best.