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JWC Women’s 69kg and Men’s 85kg

Junior World Championships Podium Women’s 69kg:

Snatch: 1 KANG Yue (CHN) 113kg, 2 ZHAPPARKUL Zhazira (KAZ) 109kg, 3 SUWANNARATANA Wiriya (THA) 105kg
Clean & Jerk: 1 SUWANNARATANA Wiriya (THA) 135kg, 2 ZUBOVA Mariya (RUS) 135kg, 3 KANG Yue (CHN) 131kg
TOTAL: 1 KANG Yue (CHN) 244kg, 2 SUWANNARATANA Wiriya (THA) 240kg, 3 ZUBOVA Mariya (RUS) 238kg

KANG Yue told the press that she was not fully satisfied with her performance even though she ended up first in Snatch, Clean & Jerk and in the Total. Due to her several competitions within the year, she has only a couple of months to train. “I will do my best at the World Championships Paris” – she added.

Junior World Championships Podium Men’s 85kg:

Snatch: 1 AUKADOV Apti (RUS) 172kg, 2 ROSTAMI Kianoush (IRI) 168kg, 3 ABDEL HAY SAAD Ragab (EGY) 161kg
Clean & Jerk: 1 ROSTAMI Kianoush (IRI) 210kg, 2 AUKADOV Apti (RUS) 206kg, 3 KLIMONOV Egor (RUS) 200kg
TOTAL: 1 ROSTAMI Kianoush (IRI) 378kg, 2 AUKADOV Apti (RUS) 378kg, 3 KLIMONOV Egor (RUS) 360kg

2 Junior World Champions battled for the title in the 85kg bodyweight category, the Russian title holder AUKADOV Apti and last years Gold Medalist in the 77kg bodyweight category ROSTAMI Kianoush (IRI).

Yesterday both of them ended the competition with a Total of 378kg, as the Iranian lifter was lighter, he won. ROSTAMI said “My main objective is to reach the London 2012 Olympic Games.”

The Russian lifter AUKADOV couldn’t keep his title because of a technical mistake during his 3rd attempt of the Clean & Jerk.