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Junior World Championships Podium Women’s 63kg:

Snatch: 1 TURIEVA Tima (RUS) 102kg, 2 SRISUWAN Darat (THA) 100kg, 3 GORICHEVA Karina (KAZ) 100kg
Clean & Jerk: 1 RIM Jong Sim (PRK) 128kg, 2 GORICHEVA Karina (KAZ) 127kg, 3 TURIEVA Tima (RUS) 127kg
TOTAL: 1 TURIEVA Tima (RUS) 229kg, 2 GORICHEVA Karina (KAZ) 227kg, 3 RIM Jong Sim (PRK) 225kg

The Russian lifter TURIEVA Tima grabbed the gold during this 4th day of competition setting up a satisfying result. Lifting since 7 years, she achieved her best results and expected to stand up on the podium. Karina GORECHEVA (KAZ) previously devoted to karate wasn’t caught enough by the sport to continue a professional career. She started weightlifting 3 years ago, and her overall performance led her to a Bronze in Snatch), and two Silver medals in Clean & Jerk and in the Total.

Junior World Championships Podium Men’s 77kg:

Snatch: 1 GUO Zhimin (CHN) 157kg, 2 SAYAKHOV Albert (RUS) 156kg, 3 KHOMYAKOV Dmitry (RUS) 155kg
Clean & Jerk: 1 SAYAKHOV Albert (RUS) 186kg, 2 CHINNAWONG Chatuphum (THA) 185kg, 3 KHOMYAKOV Dmitry (RUS) 181kg
TOTAL: 1 SAYAKHOV Albert (RUS) 342kg, 2 KHOMYAKOV Dmitry (RUS) 336kg, 3 CHINNAWONG Chatuphum (THA) 335kg

The two Russian lifters SAYAKHOV Albert and KHOMYAKOV Dmitry were both very satisfied with their results and dominated the Men’s 77kg bodyweight category.