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Bulgarian Weightlifting Federation’s introductory visit at the IWF headquarters

After a 3 years period of administrative delays, the Bulgarian Ministry of Sport gave the official license to the newly formed Bulgarian Weightlifting Federation lead by President Nedelcho Kolev.

On the 20th of May 2011, President Nedelcho Kolev accompanied by General Secretary Borislav Gidikov and International Director Sevdalin Marinov made an official visit to the IWF headquarters in Budapest, Hungary in order to formalize the cooperation between the Bulgarian Weightlifting Federation and the IWF lead by its President Dr. Tamás Aján.

The Bulgarian Federation leaded by Olympic medallists ensured the IWF about their commitment in close cooperation for the benefits of weightlifting sport.

IWF President Dr. Tamás Aján holds fruitful relations with President Kolev since 1975, and since more than 30 years with the 2 Olympic Medallists. Both partners expressed their determination of maintaining a successful collaboration in the future.