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Results from the Asian Weightlifting Championships

Men’s 56kg category:
1. Wu Jingbiao (CHN), 130kg Snatch/ 158kg Clean & Jerk / 288kg Total
2. Askari Majid (IRI), 115kg Snatch/ 140kg Clean & Jerk / 255kg Total
3. Makarov Ruslan (UZB), 114kg Snatch/ 140kg Clean & Jerk / 254kg Total

Men’s 62kg category:
1. Zhang Jie (CHN), 147kg Snatch/ 170kg Clean & Jerk / 317kg Total
2. Kim Un Guk (PRK), 140kg Snatch/ 166kg Clean & Jerk / 306kg Total
3. Cha Kum Chol (PRK), 131kg Snatch/ 167kg Clean & Jerk / 298kg Total

Women’s 48kg category:
1. Tian Yuan (CHN), 93kg Snatch/ 113kg Clean & Jerk / 206kg Total
2. Wen Shih-ping (TPE), 68kg Snatch/ 90kg Clean & Jerk / 158kg Total
3. Khumukcham Sanjita Chanu (IND), 68kg Snatch/ 90kg Clean & Jerk / 158kg Total

Women’s 53kg category:
1. Li Ping (CHN), 90kg Snatch/ 125kg Clean & Jerk / 215kg Total
2. Yu Weili (HKG), 85kg Snatch/ 110kg Clean & Jerk / 195kg Total
3. Matsa Santoshi (IND), 70kg Snatch/ 88kg Clean & Jerk / 158kg Total