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SportAccord Closed with the reelection of Hein Verbruggen

Hein Verbruggen was reelected as President of SportAccord. Since Dr. Tamás Aján did not stand for reelection in SportAccord council, his 34 years of activity were emphasized and thanked by President Verbruggen and the General Assembly.

Hein Verbruggen, President of SportAccord, officially closed the 9th Annual SportAccord Convention in London on 7th April 2011. More than 1,500 delegates attended the six-day gathering of sport federations.

The leaders of world sport will gather next in Quebec City with London 2012 knocking on the door. The 10th annual SportAccord Convention is provisionally slated for May 20-25, roughly two months before the opening ceremony to next year’s Olympic Games.