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IWF Executive Board Decisions

The IWF Executive Board held a 2 days meeting on 15 March in Istanbul, Turkey.

The following decision was made as a further confirmation on the IWF’s strong approach in its anti-doping fight.

The decision is as follows:

1. Countries that did not fulfill with the whereabouts requirements prior the 2010 World Championships but were there to participate and later did not comply with the sanction imposed on them before the 31st December 2010 are

a. suspended from every international activity until they comply with the Executive Boards decision and settle the fine, and

b. their results from the 2010 World Championships will be deleted.

With regard to the improvement of the IWF Development and Education Program, the Executive Board decided to increase over 50% the amount of support to the National, Continental and Regional Federations for their sporting, educational, development, and anti-doping activities.