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International Conference on Development of world weightlifting and fight against doping

The Belarus Weightlifting Union held an International Conference “Development of world weightlifting and fight against doping” in Minsk, Belarus on 26-27 March, 2011. The hosts: Alexandr Shpilevsky President, Alexandr Kurlovich, Vice-President and Sergey Samusev, General Secretary, created excellent conditions for the work.

Sergey Nered, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Sport and Tourism, Genadiy Alekseyenko, Vice-President and George Katulin, General Secretary, Belarus Olympic Committee together with Dr. Tamas Ajan, IWF President also attended the Conference. The participants expressed their wish to develop weightlifting in their countries in close cooperation with the IWF.

Well-known Belarus specialists acknowledged also by WADA made presentations about doping issues and their anti-doping activity. Their lectures were in harmony with the information given by the IWF President.

On 26 March, 2011 in the framework of the conference, leaders of 14 National Weightlifting Federations of Middle Asia and East Europe established the Euro-Asian Regional Weightlifting Association. Its goal is to organise joint training camps, symposia, competitions, training courses for referees, coaches, exchange scientific documents in the interest of developing weightlifting and to fight against doping. A 3-member Coordination Group was elected to guide the cooperation of the member countries.