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The manufacturer for the IWF Referee Uniforms is a Thai Company

The IWF has officially announced that from the 10 October 2010 the official IWF Referee Uniforms are exclusively manufactured in Thailand under the guidance and care of the Thai Amateur Weightlifting Association (TAWA – The IWF considers the Thai Company “Poppula by MV” as its official sole supplier.

The TAWA Coordinator appointed to handle uniforms is Mr. Nippon Limboonsuebsai. Please contact him for any further request regarding your orders.
E-mail: – Phone: +668-567-86-888

The former Uniform manufacturer Vargas Company informed the IWF that all previous orders were delivered and with regard to our exclusive contract with “Poppula MV”, the Vargas Company is no longer authorized to accept orders for IWF Referee Uniforms.