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Training and Referees course in Mauritius

In the framework of the IWF Development Program, a coaching and referees course was held in Mauritius on 22-28 Feb 2011, previous to the preparation period for the Indian Islands Ocean Games.

Coaches and referees from the following countries participated at the course:

Mauritius : 7 Participants
Seychelles : 3 Participants
Madagascar : 2 Participants
Comoros Islands: 1 Participant
South Africa: 1 Participant

The coaches and referees had the opportunity to familiarize with the latest training methods, a very useful scientific approach, the role of coaches, characteristics of children and most of all the pedagogy of coaching.

Training and various periodizations were discussed in detail, to enable the coaches to better prepare the lifters of all ages in the best way. Referees had the chance to be fully versed with the rule book and also huge emphasis was placed on the correct adjudicating of lifts rather than interpretation of the lifts which can be at times conflicting.

At the end of the session, a small test of comprehension was conducted and discussed which all participants passed successfully.

Development Director of Africa and lecturer of the course, Mr. Avenash Pandoo met with the Minister of Youth and Sport, Hon. Satyaprakash (Devanand) Ritoo, and spoke about Mauritius involvement in Weightlifting on the Continent.

The President of Mauritius Weightlifting Mr. Nundkishor Fakun thanked for the hard work and enthusiasm for organising the course on short notice. Last but not least, the IWF and the WFA were appreciated for their continued support in developing the sport and making the funds possible to make this course a success.