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Hungarian Olympic weightlifter Gyozo Veres passed away

Győző Veres, two times Olympic bronze medallist Hungarian weightlifter, and also World Champion of 1962 and 1963, died Tuesday at the age of 74 in Melbourne.

Born in Berekböszörmény on 13 June 1936, he was the first Hungarian weightlifter winning the World Champion title. He laid the foundations of modern weightlifting in the early ’50s and the weightlifting community considered him in his time as the most influential figure on the international stage.

After ending his sports career in 1970, he worked as a coach with the Hungarian National Team and with his club in Tatabánya. His training and preparation methods paved the way for a new and innovative coaching approach. In 1973, Győző Veres worked as a coach in Turkey before moving to Australia where he worked until retirement.

The International Weightlifting Federation expresses its deep condolences to his family and relatives. Győző Veres left behind two sons.