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New LOCOG Members on stage!

LOCOG welcomes Keith Morgan (Technical Operations Manager) and Margaret Lynes (Services Manager) as new members who joined respectively the Weightlifting & IPC Powerlifting team.

Keith is considered to be one of Great Britain’s most experienced coaches having represented GB at numerous international events including the World and European Championships. More recently, he was a team coach for England at the 2010 Commonwealth Games and has served as the Head Coach of the Crystal Palace Weightlifting club for over twenty years.

Prior to this, Keith served his full term at the Metropolitan Police Force, retiring in 1996.

Margaret joins LOCOG having worked for the office of Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted) for a number of years as an Inspector responsible for children’s homes, boarding schools, residential family centers and adoption services.

Administratively, Margaret served as England’s Weightlifting Section Manager at the 2010 Commonwealth Games and is also an Executive Board Member of British Weightlifting. Prior to this, she was a team official for England at the 2006 Commonwealth Games and a competitor at the 2002 Manchester Games.