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IOC impressed by astonishing progress in London

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has reported that preparations are advancing at an astonishing rate following the latest Coordination Commission visit to London.

During the three-day visit, the Commission, led by Chairman Denis Oswald, received updates on the progress made since its last visit in July, and visited a number of venues, including Wembley Arena, Earls Court, Hadleigh Farm, The Royal Artillery Barracks and the new Velodrome being built in the Olympic Park.

‘We can see the pieces of the puzzle falling into place now, and the big picture is rapidly becoming visible,’ said Mr Oswald. ‘Preparations are advancing at an astonishing rate and LOCOG, the ODA and their partners should be congratulated for the high quality of the work they are producing across this complex project.’

During his formal call with the delegation of the French Olympic Committee Mr. Jean-Paul Bulgaridhes, President of the French Weightlifting Federation expressed his great contentment about the conditions afforded to Weightlifting sport for the London 2010 Olympic Games:

“Weightlifting will have the best venue at ExCel and it will be absolutely convenient to have the accommodation of officials just next to it.” -he said.