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Weightlifting Video competition for the inaugural California-Celt Invitational Challenge

A new way for Lifters to enjoy communication and participation within our “weightlifting family”!

On Saturday November 6th a combined team of Irish and Scottish lifters will compete in the inaugural California-Celt Invitational Challenge against the might of California weightlifting. The competition, which has been sanctioned by USAW, Weightlifting Ireland and the BWLA, will be the first time that teams will compete from opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

The competition will take place over the internet at 6pm Scottish/Irish time and 10am California time. It will be broadcast live via Skype and will see eight male weightlifters from California, including US team members Don Shankle who won a bronze medal at the 2010 Pan-American Weightlifting Championships, competing against a combined Irish-Scottish team which includes Peter Kirkbride of Scotland who won silver at the 2010 Commonwealth games in Delhi.

The idea for the concept competition came about when Irish weightlifter Barry Kinsella spent a fortnight training in the United States in early 2010, which included a week’s training with top US coach Glenn Pendlay at California Strength. Friendships were made, rivalries formed and the rest will soon be history.

The Celtic Team is made up from weightlifters from East Coast Barbell in Bray, Dublin and from the Kilmarnock Club in Scotland, coached by top Scottish coach Charlie Hamilton. The California team is made up with weightlifters from across the great state of California, including the top lifters from California Strength and will be coached by Glenn Pendlay. The competition will be decided on the total of each teams Sinclair formulas and results can be found at